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Global CHRO Dubai Program

April 1-5, 2024

Navigating Change, Culture, and Technology: A Strategic Journey
- Learn about the applications of artificial intelligence in human resources management.
- Develop skills to strategically implement AI in HR practices.
Transforming Human Resources with People Analytics: Towards Smarter Management
- Identifies key HR metrics derived from data analysis.
- Get hands-on experience in HR analytics tools.
- Use people analytics insights to make informed decisions
Leading in a Global and Multicultural Context: Strategies for International Success
- Understand the importance of intercultural competence in leadership.
- Develop strategies for effective communication and collaboration in multicultural teams.
Strategic Leadership in HR
- Explore strategic HR leadership and align strategies with business objectives.
- Study cases of strategic HR impact.
- Develop HR leadership strategies based on scenario analysis.
From Leadership Ethics to Personal Development: Building Integral and Effective Leaders
- Discuss the importance of ethical leadership.
- Explore ethical dilemmas that HR leaders may face.
- Create a personal ethical code for leadership.

Local business experience

Visit iconic Dubai companies and meet their HR teams.

International keynotes

Dr. Krishnadas Nanath

Associate Professor of Data Science at Middlesex University Dubai

 Dr. Supriya Kaitheri

Senior Lecturer in Data Analysis at Middlesex University

 Claudia Maher

Professor and Head of the CIPD Studies Center at Middlesex University Duba

Dr. Sheldon Carvalho

Senior Lecturer in HRM & Organizational Behavior at Middlesex University Dubai

Dr. Nitin Vihari

Senior Lecturer in HRM at Middlesex University Dubai

Nestlé Dubai

Nestlé Dubai:

A Look at Manufacturing Excellence

Coca-Cola Arena:

Business Strategies in a Global Scenario

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile:

HR Management on a Global Scale


CHRO Program in Dubai

Connection with those who connect the world

Scheduled for April 1-5, 2024 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with Executive Accommodation, transfers included, Assistance with visas, simultaneous translation and food.

Network internationally

Learn from expert leaders

Obtain double certification

Access cultural excursions

Secure your spot now!

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With Air

1 payment (by card)

5,000 USD + VAT

Program, double degree, accommodation, transfers, meals, excursions, simultaneous translation.

Without airfare

1 payment (by card)

4,060 USD + VAT

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